Election projections

Election projections, Nate silver’s fivethirtyeight uses statistical analysis — hard numbers — to tell compelling stories about elections, politics, sports, science, economics and.

Elections news and videos including debates, watchlist and timeline. United states senate elections, 2018 most recent election predictions democrats are expected to target the republican-held senate seats in arizona. 2018 house election projections: interactive house battleground congressional districts map and table with ratings from the ppd election projection model. The 2016 results we can already predict at the starting gate it is wiser to argue that the next election is basically a there are two predictions we can make. Rankings for us president, senate, house and governor elections. Welcome to an unprecedented election day experiment want to see who’s winning the presidential race follow real-time turnout projections from slate and votecastr.

Compare the current 2016 electoral map projections of various political pundits use any of the maps to create and share your own 2016 forecast. Election 2004 projections - election projection. Presidential elections will be held in brazil, venezuela, paraguay, colombia, mexico and costa rica next year. Select one or more years, states and race types, then click apply filter to see results.

To project elections, cnn and its election experts use scientific statistical procedures to make estimates of the final vote count in each race. Track the 2018 senate election with a red/blue map of the us updated daily using the latest state polls. The upshot’s elections model suggests that hillary clinton is favored to win the presidency, based on the latest state and national polls a victory by.

Election day is finally here america's top election forecasters make their final predictions allan smith view their projections. To read recent stories regarding the 2016 senate races, click here updated nov 7, 2016 2016 senate ratings map 2016 senate candidates indicates a special election. View cnn's coverage of the 2016 presidential election, including the latest polls, schedule and election results.

Nate silver's predictions and polling data for the 2016 presidential election between hillary clinton and donald trump. Early voting is nearly over more people have voted early in the 2016 election, 4626 million than in the 2012 election in its entirely, which saw 4622.

Well, it looks like anyone who worried that high-tech vote projections on election day would suppress turnout might have had nothing to worry about. Final projections: clinton 323 ev, 51 the pec prediction does not use the histogram to make predictions just “what’s the odds that mm0 on election day.

Election projections
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